Xbox Game Pass adds Monster Hunter World & more in April

Ruben Fields
April 13, 2019

Microsoft gets to sign up new Xbox Live users, and Nintendo gets a well-respected service with limited control on its popular game platform - it's a win-win. Sometimes, those announcements don't do much to excite fans. Seeing one of last year's best games in Monster Hunter: World land on Xbox Game Pass a little over a year after originally releasing is a pretty big deal.

Monster Hunter World is far from the only major title that is coming to the Xbox Game Pass this April. If you're looking for something new to play, you might want to grab that subscription and get started, because this is one of the strongest new injections of Xbox Game Pass content just yet. This "systemic shooter" (so-called because the game gives you a world of interconnected systems, and you're free to manipulate them however you wish to reach your goal) takes players to an abandoned space station, overrun with an alien threat that can appear at any time.

Finally, on April 24, Life is Strange: Episode 2 will be added to the Xbox Game Pass collection, as will Resident Evil 5 on April 25.

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All six games make offer worthwhile experiences, with Prey and Monster Hunter: World being among our favorite titles.

You can get six months worth of Xbox Game Pass access for just £23.99 in the Amazon Spring Sale.

Another similar title is Dontnod's Life is odd 2: Episode 2 which puts you in a third person perspective view of a character who's on a run from the Police with his younger brother. Especially with the upcoming "pay $1 for 3 months of Game Pass" offer. Unbelievably, Resident Evil 5 first released all the way back in 2009 on the previous generation of consoles, and features Chris Redfield and his new partner Sheva Alomar heading to Africa investigate an outbreak. Players that missed out on The Walking Dead when it first hit the scene will now be able to play the games first three seasons through Microsoft's subscription service, and I would be amazed if the games fourth and final season didn't also hit the Game Pass soon.

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