Apple to Split iTunes into Individual Music, TV, and Books Apps

Ruben Fields
April 14, 2019

That makes a lot of sense: iTunes is unpleasant to a lot of users and, at the same time, has a rather outdated usage pattern if you look at the current software standard.

It was nearly 18 years ago when Apple introduced the world to iTunes - an app/service that was initially meant for iPod users to transfer music on their devices. Podcasts app would, naturally, be all about podcasts.

Show landing pages, for example, now prominently display information such as number of episodes, podcast category, producer name, and a dynamically updated star rating. There's still an option to open up iTunes, which users will want to do if they intend to read reviews or access trending charts. More importantly, Apple intends to have the new apps ready and prepped for the next version of its macOS, version 10.15. After all, the notion of opening up iTunes and then - as a quick example - sifting through an avalanche of content in order to find the most recent episode of your favorite content has long felt antiquated.

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Unfortunately, despite offering the services separately, Apple likely won't kill iTunes completely with macOS 10.15.

Rambo confirmed that Apple would be making some changes in macOS to split some of the functionality of iTunes into distinct apps. It will apparently offer a greatly improved listening experience for all podcast listeners, as the current experience is underwhelming in iTunes.

9to5Mac reports developer Steve Troughton-Smith says there is evidence to suggest Apple is working on individual apps for Music, Podcasts, and maybe Books for macOS. As always, if you have any thoughts, feel free to sound them off in the comments section below!

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