Iran's Revolutionary Guards Promise to Teach US Hard Lesson

Clay Curtis
April 14, 2019

Pompeo told a U.S. Senate committee he had "no announcements" on whether Washington would continue waivers to some countries that import Iranian crude, or for Iran's civilian nuclear program, now that Trump has withdrawn the United States from the 2015 worldwide nuclear agreement with Iran and reimposed sweeping sanctions. The rallies follow support expressed by the Iranian public and different political factions for the I-R-G-C.

Zarif reiterated that in retaliation to the USA act, Iran has recognized the U.S. government supporter of terrorism and the Central Command (CENTCOM) as a terrorist organization.

But the top US diplomat declined further comment on the possibility of waivers for countries that import Iranian oil.

Reportedly, India, which has bought about 9 million barrels a month since November, has held off on ordering Iranian oil until they hear what the decision is.

"The designation was a simple recognition of reality", Pompeo said, citing United States figures that Iran was behind more than 600 deaths of usa troops in Iraq after the 2003 invasion when Tehran backed Shiite forces.

Democrats give Trump 10 days to hand over tax returns
On Saturday, Neal said the administration has no right "to question or second guess" his motivations. Neal also wrote that concerns about the committee's access to the returns were "baseless".

Iranian Foreign Minister in a message warned loser states of the region to stop scapegoating, and said that targeting the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps will not revive IS (Daesh), Al-Nusra Front terrorists, Trend reports citing IRNA. Washington had previously sanctioned many entities and individuals linked with IRGC but had not formally designated it as a terror group.

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, leader of the Shi'ite group, said that all options were on the table were Washington to take steps that "threaten our nation".

Pompeo said he foresaw a significant impact from that decision. This is because the IRGC control the vast majority of the Iranian economy.

"In any kind of semblance of a sane world, you would have to come back and ask us before you go into Iran", Paul said.

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