Jedi: Fallen Order Officially Revealed at Star Wars Celebration

Ruben Fields
April 14, 2019

This weekend brings Star Wars Celebration to Chicago, IL, where thousands of Star Wars fans have congregated to celebrate the franchise they love the most. Cal's Jedi powers are eventually discovered and is hunted down by the Empire. There will be "some familiar faces" that make an appearance too, though the studio stopped short of saying exactly who.

"Many Star Wars fans, ourselves included, are really interested in the Dark Times, so we wanted to explore that mysterious, risky period", said game director Stig Asmussen. "The team at Lucasfilm have been unbelievable collaborators, helping us explore and further develop this part of the timeline where the Empire is at the height of its power and any remaining Jedi are in hiding".

"When Respawn approached us with the idea for this game, we were immediately supportive".

Rather than the traditional story of a master training a new Jedi the story focuses on a group of characters. That's no easy task, but if its first trailer is any indication, The Rise Of Skywalker will be seamlessly incorporating elements from the older movies in with the newer ones, which will hopefully result in a satisfying conclusion for Star Wars fans of all ages. While the Standard version just contains the full single-player experience, the Deluxe version will also include behind-the-scenes featurettes and even more cosmetic trinkets. He will have a small droid companion with him, BD-1.

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According to Respawn, these troopers have actually appeared in Star Wars comics already and will also appear in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. This is a brand new trooper type that are specially trained to fight Jedi. It's worth noting that the game is directed by Stig Asmussen, who is known for working on the God of War series before joining Respawn.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC November 15th, 2019.

Fallen Order will introduce the Second Sister Inquisitor, a member of the Force-sensitive, Jedi-hunting Imperial soldiers first introduced in Star Wars Rebels.

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