Android Q System Updates Will Reach via Google Play

Ruben Fields
April 19, 2019

Since we are talking about updates, we need to mention that Google Play Services has recently been updated as well. Such a method now appears to be in an early testing phase, as Android Headlines reports.

VentureBeat reports that this feature is now being tested and is rolling out in stages.

Android users will soon be able to more easily manage their spending on applications and media through the Google Play Store, with test rollouts of a new "budget" feature reportedly ongoing and a walkthrough already up on the associated support site.

The Reddit post suggests that two Pixel 3 users received a system software update notification for the Android Q Beta 2, much like an app update to download the update via the Google Play Store.

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Once the download had finished, the user explained, the device automatically restarted and showed a "G symbol with a progress bar", which the user noted looked similar to "the one you get after a system update".

The latest update for Google Play Services sports the 16.1.55 version number and as previously noted, it can only be downloaded by Android beta testers right now. Following in the footsteps of other recent updates from the company, that material redesign will center around more intuitive use of white space and a new bottom bar UI with bold-lined hollow icons. Enforcement emails will also include instructions on how to make appeals.

Some unknowns remain, of course. This service is in charge of making the Android operating system run smoothly and it does this by taking care of high-priority tasks such as synchronizing contacts, remembering passwords and even making it possible for apps to receive OTA (over the air) updates. Hopefully, Google is going to fix that before kicking off a wider launch.

Emails sent for policy rejections and appeals will now be more detailed and explanatory, touching upon why a decision was made, how the app can be modified to comply, and how the decision could be appealed.

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