BlackBerry Messenger For Consumers To Shut Down On 31 May 2019

Ruben Fields
April 19, 2019

The mobile firm finally announced a cross-platform version in 2013 and threw the (unencrypted) consumer BBM over to Emtek three years later.

For years, BBM's success coincided with BlackBerry's as the former gained mainstream appeal and became one of the most popular messaging services in the world.

We poured our hearts into making this a reality, and we are proud of what we have built to date. Emtek acknowledged that "users have moved on to other platforms, while new users proved hard to sign on".

Despite that, BBM still not able to overcome the challenges that it faced against the newer generation of IM services such as WhatsApp, Line, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and many more.

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In 2016, BlackBerry struck up a partnership with Emtek to keep BBM going with new features.

You can issue refunds of your in-app purchases for stickers that you've bought, though. “The decision was made out of BlackBerrys respect for loyal users”, a press release by BlackBerry Limited stated.

Starting today, BBM Enterprise will be available through the Google Play Store and eventually from the Apple App Store. After that, there's a fee of $2.50 United States for six months of use, or $5 a year. Additionally, TLS encryption between the device and BlackBerry's infrastructure protects BBMe messages from eavesdropping or manipulation. The change does not affect BBOS or BlackBerry 10 users as BlackBerry continues to provide that service rather than Emtek.

While it's easy to assume that BBM has had its day, there are still some reasons why - in this time of shaky messaging privacy - users might want to consider BBMe. However, the addition of channels, games, and ads arguably worsened the BBM experience. In an effort to answer some of the questions surrounding the closure, Emtek has set up a FAQ section that covers a lot of the basics you'll need to know.

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