PlayStation 5: New console might change gaming itself

Ruben Fields
April 20, 2019

Sony's lead architect Mark Cerny was recently interviewed by one of the leading newspapers, and he shared that the next-gen console will not only have improved graphics and a faster processor, but the console will come with backward compatibility with PlayStation 4. When the PlayStation 3 was released in 2006, the model with a 20 GB hard drive cost customers $499, while the 60 GB model ran $599.

Finally, Sony has revealed some details about PS5 this week, but nothing related to GTA 6 or the launching date of the console.

Moreover, the graphics will be driven by a custom version of Radeon's Navi line, and it can support ray tracing.

Although it seems like PS5 will no doubt be a powerful gaming console, thanks to some of its specs and features revealed, it's still too early to tell if Sony will win the next-gen console war.

It was a somewhat unusual way to unveil a console, but Sony has lifted the lid on its next home video game console, which we can assume will be called PlayStation 5.

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Sony confirmed as much in a recent interview with Wired, among other details about the upcoming PlayStation console. While Sony hasn't offered any info on what kind of CPU or GPU manufacturer will take on the reins to create this new hardware, that could make all the difference when it comes to pricing.

It's no secret that Sony and Microsoft are working on their respective next-generation gaming consoles. Referred to as the PlayStation 4, rumors about the device's name, controller features, and more are sprouting up across the Web. We still don't know much about Microsoft's next-generation hardware, but we're betting that they definitely have some big plans of their owns for the Xbox 2 (aka Xbox Two). This year, Sony does not ask to join. Loading screens that used take up to 15 seconds would instead take less than one second.

Cerny said the PS5 will feature support for 8K resolution, which will make it future-proof for a few years. It appears like just like the Xbox One X, which is namely stronger than the PS4 Pro, the next Xbox generation is rumored to be more powerful than the PS5.

Gamers can look at previous PlayStation prices for clues on the new console's cost, though. He also mentioned that the PS5 wouldn't release in 2019, which all but confirms a 2020 launch.

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