Sarah Sanders reiterates Comey claims despite admitting to lying

Clay Curtis
April 20, 2019

The Mueller report says: "The week after Comey's briefing, the White House Counsel's Office was in contact with SSCI Chairman Senator Richard Burr about the Russian investigations and appears to have received information about the status of the FBI investigations".

Mueller's report said Sarah Huckabee Sanders told investigators she made comments to reporters that were "not founded on anything".

Donald Trump's White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, is an admitted liar.

"I've heard from countless members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation that are grateful and thankful for the president's decision", Sanders told reporters during a May 10 press conference.

The report released Thursday stated that Sanders conceded to the special counsel's office she had a "slip of the tongue" when she told the media that "countless members of the FBI" had lost faith in Comey.

Addressing that portion of Mueller's report, Sanders again stood by the sentiment of her words, "Actually those were Mueller's words that they weren't founded on anything".

"Look, I've acknowledged that the word "countless" was a slip of the tongue".

Mueller's investigation notes several instances where President Trump pressured his top aides to lie or mislead. Sanders responded that she had, citing email and text message conversations, but declined to give a specific number of people who she had spoken with to the reporter. She went on: "I've certainly heard from a large number of individuals".

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Mueller said in his report that Trump's "efforts to influence the investigation were mostly unsuccessful, but that is largely because the persons who surrounded the president declined to carry out orders or accede to his requests".

Asked by TV host George Stephanopoulos about her "deliberate false statement" she said: "They [FBI rank-and-file] continued to speak out and said that James Comey was a disgrace, a leaker".

"I applaud Attorney General Barr for his commitment to transparency and keeping the American people informed, consistent with the law and our national security interests", Graham, who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, told Politico. And while her lies were about a matter that was important to the investigation - Trump's motives for firing Comey are key to the obstruction of justice investigation - the difference between Sanders making a mistake with the press and actively lying to the press do not plausibly constitute a serious enough distinction to investigators to be worth charging.

With Sanders' credibility even more severely damaged, White House correspondent April Ryan said Thursday night that "she should be fired, end of story". "The game is unsafe because she is lying to the American public".

"When there is a lack of credibility there, you have to start and start lopping the heads off", Ms. Ryan said.

But Sanders knows as well as anyone that she will never face consequences for anything she's ever done - or will ever do.

Guthrie jumped back in, "You have kids and you know that if you say, 'Did you do this?' The answer isn't: 'Yeah, but my brother did that.' So let's talk about the president's behavior".

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