These gorillas take better selfies than any influencer can

Clay Curtis
April 23, 2019

The gorillas were just two and four months old at the time.

The freakish picture, has caused a stir as the Virunga gorillas appear to have taken a break from monkeying around, stood upright and joined in ranger Mathieu Shamavu's selfie.

A ranger gets up close, snapping a selfie, with two gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo. That over the shoulder smize!

The park noted the viral photo was taken under "exceptional circumstances", adding, "It is never permitted to approach a gorilla in the wild".

The two gorillas were snapped imitating humans and standing on their two feet as the park ranger, who helped rescue them as babies, took photos.

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"We want to emphasize that these gorillas are in an enclosed sanctuary for orphans to which they have lived since infancy". A set of photos taken by their friendly protector shows one gorilla placing its hands on its hips and tossing its head back, and another coolly draped over its human friend's shoulders. We've received dozens of messages about the photo. According to the park's website, around one-third of the world's endangered mountain gorillas reside in Virunga National Park, and rangers at the park have been targeted in the past.

Virunga National Park is also unique with an active chain of volcanoes.

More than 180 park rangers have been killed in recent years in attacks by bandits at the 3,000 sq m park. In addition to mountain gorillas, the Park is also home to a number of different primates, elephants, lions and 706 different species of birds.

Being a ranger, however, is not always fun - it is mainly unsafe work.

"YES, it's real", the Virunga National Park later posted on their Instagram.

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