The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly — Samsung Galaxy Fold

Ruben Fields
April 28, 2019

If you haven't, you can check out the full story in this post. In a recent blog post, iFixit clarified that it had received the Galaxy Fold teardown unit form a trusted partner, and that Samsung passed along the request to take down the post via this partner.

How Samsung could have missed such glaring issues with the screen during its testing is a mystery.

iFixit maintains that the findings in its teardown - "that the device provided insufficient protection from debris damaging the screen" - are valid.

But how did dirt get under the display?

Multiple reports suggest that one of the major problems that cause a fatal flaw in the Galaxy Fold was the dust or particles. While the majority of the screen is protected with a thin bezel, the point where it folds has 7mm gaps on either side.

Will the "Foldgate" make a dent in Samsung's image like the Galaxy Note 7 with exploding batteries did in 2016?

"Nevertheless, the lab and real-world conditions play differently".

Several units reportedly failed after the layer was taken off.

For the longest time, mobility thought leaders have been intrigued about the concept of having a device screen with a flexible display.

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Thirdly, the addition of pre-installed protective layer didn't go as planned. At least that would prevent users from peeling it off or at least not being tempted to peel it off. Out of sight, out of mind... yes?

The iFixit teardown wasn't purely negative on the Fold, either. Instead, the request seems to have come via the partner who supplied the Galaxy Fold in the first place.

IFixit is arguably the top destination for smartphone fix guides and teardowns, showing us just how these devices are put together.

"We are under no obligation to remove our analysis, legal or otherwise", they further explained. I mean why coerce an independent media outlet to takedown an honest analysis of your product?

Is Samsung unaware of the Streisand Effect, whereby trying to stop people seeing something will lead to a load more people seeing it?

The folks at iFixit had recently published a teardown of the Galaxy Fold, which provides a clear glimpse of its internals.

Now to the good part hehe. Reviewers were loving the Galaxy Fold, the first foldable smartphone on the market. It is true that Samsung is probably one of the biggest manufacturers of display and it even provides its state-of-the-art OLED screens to Apple.

Another (not so) impressive thing about the Galaxy Fold is the postponement of the official launch of the device to a later date. Delaying the launch by about two months. It would certainly be an expensive device for the average corporate-owned personally-enabled (COPE) device category. Should Samsung pull the plug on it and try again? FYI, the Galaxy Fold sports a total of six camera sensors.

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