Opposition pressures United Kingdom government to act on climate change

Katie Ramirez
May 2, 2019

They want greenhouse gas emissions to be reduced to net zero by 2025 and create a citizen's assembly of members of the public to lead on decisions to address climate change.

CLIMATE change activists said "the rebellion has to continue" after a "disappointing" meeting with environment secretary Michael Gove yesterday.

The protesters brought London to a standstill during 10 days of demonstrations, which included vandalising buildings and gluing themselves to public transport.

He also said he hoped other countries would follow suit in declaring an emergency.

"The Labour Party has no credibility when it comes to energy policy - the United Kingdom had the highest dependency on fossil fuels in the G8 when they were last in government, and independent experts say their renationalisation plans would disrupt our efforts to tackle climate change".

Extinction Rebellion is demanding the government declare a climate emergency and to allocate resources to tackling the issue.

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"And that's why I think it's critically important we take the advice from the Climate Change Committee, the independent body that holds this government and future governments to account for reducing carbon emissions by making sure we do everything possible to deal with climate change". However, the rebellion has to continue because our demands have not been met.' The group's Clare Farrell said: 'It was less s*** than I thought it would be, but only mildly'.

Speaking following the meeting, Gove said he disapproved of the campaign group's tactics of direct action. "Politicians should be judged on actions not words", he added.

Gove said that he agreed that emissions should be cut to zero but that "the key question" was one of "timescale" and "what is achievable". It is not something any of us have done lightly but feel is a political necessity.

Members of the activist group that shut down central London last week have staged a "die in" in Norwich.


Following the meeting with Labour, Extinction Rebellion said Mr McDonnell "acknowledged the failure" of previous policies to tackle climate change.

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