Measles confirmation includes warning to anyone at Pittsburgh airport on April 16

Grant Boone
May 4, 2019

Dr Mary Ramsay said: "The UK achieved World Health Organization measles elimination status in 2017, however, due to ongoing worldwide measles outbreaks including within Europe, we will continue to see cases, particularly in unimmunised individuals".

Live call-in discussion: There are now more than 700 cases of measles across the USA, in the worst outbreak in decades.

Last month, new figures emerged showing half a million children in the United Kingdom are at risk of dying from measles due to not being vaccinated - a figure branded a 'growing public health timebomb by the chief executive of NHS England.

Because about 8 out of 10 measles patients are age 19 or younger (according to a press release from the Shawnee County Heath Department), the federal government has focused most of its efforts on getting this population inoculated.

One person from northern IN has gotten the measles. One is a county resident who was not vaccinated.

The Irish Government is now considering making vaccinations mandatory in response to a 200% surge in measles cases in the country.

"As has been said, I do not want to see measles or any of the other childhood illness that have been eliminated in the United States make a comeback".

People traveling internationally should receive their vaccines at least two weeks before departure, but even if their trip is less than two weeks away, they should still get a vaccine dose.

"Two doses of measles vaccine are about 97 percent effective in preventing measles", said state epidemiologist Dr. Christina Tan.

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Children usually get their first vaccine against the measles between 1 year and 15 months of age, and their second vaccine comes between ages 4-6.

Adults who have only had one dose of the vaccine are still protected from the viral infection, but at a slightly lower rate.

No, if you were infected by measles, mumps, or rubella in the past, you are immune, according to the CDC.

It means 13,240 children are at risk of the highly contagious disease in the borough.

Adults born before 1957, when the vaccine was introduced, are assumed to have immunity from the disease.

Adults born before 1957 are likely to have acquired natural immunity, however adults of that age in a high-risk group - such as with compromised immune systems - should get a vaccine. The current outbreak traces its roots to travelers to countries including Ukraine and Israel facing outbreaks.

For women wanting to become pregnant, the CDC advises to wait until one month after receiving the MMR vaccine to help ensure measles protection, which can help guard your baby from the illness during the first few months of life. "Adults with questions about their vaccination history should contact their medical provider and, if necessary, schedule a vaccination".

Additionally, if there are circumstances in which parents would like their child to have one of the MMR doses early, such as upcoming global travel or if he or she has been exposed, a medical provider can decide if it's a safe option.

If you suspect you may have the measles, the CDC recommends you call your doctor immediately.

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