FCC: Don't call back 'One Ring' robocalls

Daniel Fowler
May 7, 2019

The idea is to get people to call back, UPI reports, which can incur a toll charge like the one for calling a 900 number.

The Federal Communications Commission officials issued a warning Friday after detecting a surge in "one ring" scam robocalls with a West African area code.

"Generally, the One Ring scam takes place when a robocaller calls a number and hangs up after a ring or two", the FCC says in a recent consumer advisory.

Residents in NY and Arizona have been targeted of late, the FCC said, with the latest fake calls using the 222 area code for West African nation Mauritania.

The FCC is urging consumers not to call back any numbers they don't recognize, especially ones like these that appear to come from overseas. They also suggest filing an FCC complaint if you do end up getting one of those calls.

The whole objective of the scam is to trick you into calling an overseas number that can place charges on your phone bill.

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At this point, the victim may be frustrated and uses the caller ID on their phone to return the call in order to see who is repeatedly calling and why.

NY and Arizona have been the latest areas plagued by those robocalls.

It's the sound some of us have recently heard in the middle of the night.the phone ringing. The scammer calls multiple times, trying to get a call back, which can result in hefty worldwide fees. These charges usually show up on your phone bill as "premium services".

"Advances in technology allow massive amounts of calls to be made cheaply and easily", the FCC said.

- If you never make worldwide calls, you can ask your phone company to block outbound global calls to prevent accidental toll calls. The FCC has a form to file a complaint.

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