Get ready for a new augmented reality Minecraft mobile game

Ruben Fields
May 8, 2019

Years ago now, Microsoft hinted at the possibility of a Minecraft augmented-reality game made possible through their AR glasses, known as HoloLens. Nevertheless, the Redmond company has confirmed its existence by showcasing a almost a minute-long teaser video just before signing off the jam-packed Build keynote. As such it seems Microsoft is trying to make the game even bigger than ever before with a recent tease for a brand new Augmented Reality Minecraft game. However, the newest development brings the sandbox game to the emerging mobile AR space. The woman sat next to him realises his mistake and gets up to let him know, looking down at the phone to see an AR version of Minecraft running. He gets up and as he leaves picks up the wrong phone.

Microsoft did not reveal any details yet and only showed off a cute video.

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The video shows Minecraft Creative Director Saxs Persson sitting on a bench outside the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, where Build is taking place. Or what about the forthcoming Harry Potter: Wizards Unite from Niantic, the makers of the popular Pokémon AR game? It also suggests that we will be learning more about it on the 17th of May on Minecraft's website so fans will have that to look forward to.

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