If Your Firefox Extensions Aren't Working, Update Your Browser

Ruben Fields
May 8, 2019

In other words, the best way to resolve these recent add-on issues is to keep Firefox updated to the most recent version-don't do anything else.

Engineers issued an update for the desktop browser Sunday afternoon that addressed the issue.

If you used Mozilla Firefox over the weekend, you may have noticed that some of your add-ons and extensions stopped working. Uninstalling and reinstalling the extensions failed to correct the issue.

Firefox users all over the world are now facing the problem of add-ons not working.

The issue, which also occurred almost three years ago, is described in more detail on Mozilla's bug tracker.

Firefox's batch of extensions was disabled yesterday and users had to utilize the browser without the usual add-ons. Mozilla is updating Firefox with an unusual mechanism, the studies tool for testing new features, and some people may have disabled that. The former's product lead, Kev Needham, said in a statement that the company is aware of the issue and is working hard to fix it. Mozilla declared that within a short time, the fix will be applied in the background and add-ons will start working again. In this case, it is most likely that they show messages that indicate that they cannot verify their use in Firefox and therefore have been deactivated, all in the browser's complement manager, which can be somewhat worrisome.

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The blog post says that deleting an add-on removes any data associated with it, where disabling and re-enabling does not.

Some users are reporting that they do not have the "hotfix-update-xpi-signing-intermediate-bug-1548973" study active in "about:studies".

The worst thing is that we still don't know when this issue will be fixed from the developer end as the company didn't bound a fixed time for this bug to be fixed.

Mozilla says that it's using the Studies system to fix the blunder rapidly, and on the off chance that you've disabled that, you'll have to reenable it. Reinstalling extensions does not fix the problem, and neither does restarting the browser.

For instance, some extensions may incorrectly appear as unsupported in the 60.6.2 version of Firefox ESR, but according to its patch notes, users should still be able to reinstall and reconfigure them.

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