Fortnite season 9: The future comes to Tilted Towers

Ruben Fields
May 9, 2019

On Fortnite season 9 launch day there are 18 Fortbytes available to find located around the Battle Royale map.

Season 9 will last for the next 10 weeks, and then Fortnite season 10 will start on August 1, according to fan site Fortnite Intel.

You'll also find new areas to explore, such as Neo Tilted (because of course Tilted is fine and well) and Mega Mall.

Data miners have gotten their hands on the Season 9 patch and are already finding some interesting files.

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But, now that the lava is cooling, what can players expect this season.

The new season's battle pass once again contains a number of costumes which upgrade in appearance the more you play, including Sentinel, which will look familiar to anyone who mains Pharah in Overwatch, and Rox, who has a lightweight space suit and two laser axes. Epic says that players who collect them all will earn rewards and "uncover the secrets of season 9", so if you're going to buy the Battle Pass, you'll definitely want to keep an eye out for them as you play. You can see more about this in the new Battle Pass trailer below. And at Tier 100, you'll unlock a battle-tested progressive outfit: Vendetta.

The volcanic eruption from the end of Season 8 created a few changes to the map. Players should use these Slipstreams as both a mode of transportation and a way to get out of trouble.

Kyo the cat is a robotic pet, and can be levelled up as part of the new skins.

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