Trump may provoke USA lawmakers to impeach him: senior Democrat

Clay Curtis
May 13, 2019

Harris' comments came after some Democrats in Congress invoked the term over refusals from the Trump administration to accept demands for testimony and documents, including the full version of special counsel Robert Mueller's report. His reluctance angered Mr. Trump, who believed that Mr. McGahn showed disloyalty by telling investigators for the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, about Mr. Trump's attempts to maintain control over the Russian Federation investigation.

The White House on Sunday decried Democratic-led congressional investigations, saying Democrats are refusing to abide by "rules and norms" that govern oversight authority as they issue subpoenas for documents the Trump administration refuses to hand over.

Moreover, said Nettles, Trump now claims the Mueller report exonerated - or cleared - him, but he and members of his administration are resisting Mueller-related subpoenas to testify before Congress.

But Burck declined on McGahn's behalf, the people said, because Attorney General William Barr had already concluded there was insufficient evidence to accuse the president of criminal obstruction.

Schiff said on This Week that the Trump administration "has made a decision to say a blank no, no to any kind of oversight whatsoever". "Democrats are demanding documents they know they have no legal right to see - including confidential communications between the President and foreign leaders and grand jury information that can not be disclosed under the law".

Lack of US-China trade deal weighs on Asian markets
Later Sunday, Trump reiterated his view in a tweet: "We will be taking in Tens of Billions of Dollars in Tariffs from China ". President Trump said Beijing "broke the deal" by backtracking on earlier commitments to change its policies.

The Trump White House has instructed McGahn to refuse to comply with Democrats' subpoena, and House Judiciary Committee chairman Rep.

The report found that Trump had repeatedly ordered McGahn to fire Mueller, though Trump has denied making such an order.

"I saw Richard Burr saying there was no collusion two or three weeks ago", Trump said at a White House event. In several cases, the special counsel wrote, there was substantial evidence that the president sought to obstruct the probe, including in his interactions with McGahn.

"I am convinced it's going to happen".

Reading the report, the president's lawyers saw that Mueller left out that McGahn had told investigators that he believed the president never obstructed justice. In the days after the report was released, White House officials asked McGahn again to put out a statement as Trump fumed about his disclosures, but McGahn rebuffed the second request as well.

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