NBA Draft Lottery 2019

Tanya Simon
May 14, 2019

Thankfully, we have the NBA Draft Lottery for that!

The Kings owe their pick to the Celtics unprotected, but the 76ers will get the selection if this becomes the No. 1 pick.

Among the many new National Basketball Association and NCAA rules, players can now hire an agent and try to get a fair assessment as to where they might be taken in the draft.

Whatever the chances are or where the pick ends up being, Minnesota will have some options to choose from. The gods will then watch over a Smart Play lottery machine that will mix ping pong balls for 20 seconds before one ball shoots up into the chamber. With an expected average position of 6.2, according to ESPN, New Orleans is all but a lock to pick within the top 10 of the draft. Teams toward the bottom of the lottery also have a better shot at a Top 4 pick. The team working its way into the top three of the draft has a 23.4 percent likelihood.

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From 2005-18, the team slotted 10th had just a 1.1% chance of getting the No. 1 overall pick, 1.3% for No. 2 and 1.6% for No. 3, with an 87.0% chance of remaining at No. 10, 8.9% moving down to 11 and 0.2% to No. 12. This year the top four selections, rather than three, will be determined via the lottery, giving the Celtics a bit more hope about moving toward the top of the draft. The Bulls do have a pretty limited number of draft spots that the lottery could place them in. All season, a handful of teams have subtly or not-so-subtly jockeyed for the best odds at the top pick. Why? Whichever team picks at No. 2 will be picking more on need than if it had the No. 1 pick.

There are talented players in this draft beyond Williamson, but the top player has been defined for six months.

The difference between finishing with the worst record and the third-worst record has shrunk. There could be some players that could slide to them, and things will change on the draft board between now and late June, too. Guards Darius Garland and Coby White are viewed as lottery-caliber guards that could bring help to the Pelicans. See the NBA's draft lottery explainer for details.

Obviously, this team has plenty to sort out this offseason as it looks toward the future.

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