Pokemon Rumble Rush stealth launches on mobile

Ruben Fields
May 18, 2019

The more players explore the game world and take part in special events, the more Pokemon they will discover-possibly including Legendary and Mythical Pokemon!

The game was unveiled in Japan this morning as Pokemon Scramble SP, but it's going to be known as Pokemon Rumble Rush in the West. This indicates that this game does not seem to be the same mobile game that Pokemon was hiring for earlier this year.

Nintendo announced this mobile game as "PokeLand" in 2017, but it was quickly forgotten by many as it went under the radar. The game is coming out on these devices fairly soon and is already available in Australia via the Google Play, which should be music to the ears of people who enjoyed the 3DS titles.

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In a confusing state of affairs, the game is now available in Australia, but not the rest of the world.

The game is called Pokemon Rumble Rush, where you start as a Rattata, exploring an island, capturing wild Pokemon and battling your way around. Rumble Rush is a mobile entry from the Pokemon Rumble series. Power gears raise a Pokemon's stats and help it with battles, and summon gears let a Pokemon temporarily summon another Pokemon for battle.

This soft launch in Australia was first spotted by Android Police, and it hints at an official announcement soon. For winning Super Boss Rush, you need many different types of Pokemon collected from your journey through the islands and seas. Once there, their "Pokemon" will make its way through the island, but will be blocked by enemy "Pokemon". By tapping the screen, the players' partner Pokemon will rush in and attack each oncoming wave.

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