World of Warcraft Classic launches at the end of August

Ruben Fields
May 18, 2019

For those unaware, World of Warcraft Classic is a complete retelling of how the original WoW was before 2010's Cataclysm expansion, which irrecoverably changed the landscape forever. The classic version will be available to all paying World of Warcraft players.

Blizzard will be also holding a stress test each month leading up to launch of the server. This kicked off a lengthy discussion for Blizzard, with the studio ultimately announcing plans to launch WoW Classic. That decision followed years of fans doing the same "behind" Blizzard's back, though their attempt to do so was an open secret-one that Blizzard battledaggressively. "Select" WoW subscribers will get into a closed beta test that starts May 15th, while three "focused" stress tests will begin May 22nd for veteran players who opt-in. The official launch of WoW Classic will happen at 3:00 pm PDT August 26 in the Americas.

The game is a touched-up version of the original massively multiplayer game in its most refined form, around the "Drums of War" update from August of 2006.

If you subscribe to World of Warcraft, you'll get this retro reboot for free, as well as the chance to jump into the closed beta test from tomorrow (May 15) as mentioned.

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The remaining three are unannounced titles that will be released in Q4 FY2020, which is between January 1st and March 31st, 2020. The game's official Twitter account also published a short video talking about the delay and decision to skip E3.

In short, opting into the Stress Tests doesn't guarantee an invite, but it will give you a decent chance.

Blizzard has confirmed the release date for WoW Classic, with ANZ servers rolling out at 8am AEST on August 27, 2019.

More players will be able to participate in a series of stress tests scheduled throughout the summer.

The release of Classic is part of celebrating 15 years of WoW, and Blizzard is also producing a World of Warcraft 15th Anniversary Collector's Edition that will go on sale on October 8 for £90 (around $115, AU$170). You can purchase it for $99, and you can pre-order the item right now from Blizzard's store.

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