New 2019 Amazon Fire 7 Tablet is Up for Pre-order

Ruben Fields
May 20, 2019

New and improved version of the two popular Android tablets have been revealed today, and even though they feature enhanced specs, Amazon has made a decision to keep the same price.

Amazon today unveiled an update to its $50 Fire 7 tablet that offers more performance and storage and adds Alexa Hands-Free functionality.

Amazon also introduced a new version of its Fire 7 Kids Edition. This lets you use the Amazon Fire 7 tablet like an Echo Dot to ask Alexa to play music, a audiobook, start a movie, check the weather or get the score of a game - nearly anything you can use Alexa for on an Echo. We're still talking about a 1.3GHz quad-core processor, though Amazon said the processor has more memory bandwidth. Interestingly, the battery life is listed as up to 7 hours, which is actually one hour less than the old model. True, Apple's tablet is superior, but if you are just looking to consume media, why not get the new Fire 7 for a fraction of the price? Besides the faster processors and more storage, the new Amazon Fire 7 tablets come in additional colors like Sage, Plum, and Twilight Blue. The cutesy-looking gadget features a kid-proof case with an adjustable stand and a new purple colour option.

In addition to the fact that Fire tablets already support up to two adult profiles and four individually customizable child profiles - adult profiles are secured by PIN - FreeTime Unlimited effectively acts as a parental control tool.

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The Fire 7 is essentially a revamped version of a tablet of the same name launched by Amazon in 2017.

There's also a free year of Kids Unlimited which includes access to thousands of kid-friendly books, Audible audiobooks, educational apps, games, and videos-all hand-selected and age appropriate. Amazon just updated the device with new system-on-chip, higher storage, and useful digital assistant features.

The $100 Kids Edition tablet is also getting a slight tweak in the processor.

GIVEN its cheap and cheerful Fire 7 tablet a much-needed upgrade after two years. That pricing is for those who don't mind seeing ads displayed on their lock screen.

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