New ‘Game of Thrones’ Finale Teasers Are Cryptic & Terrifying

Katie Ramirez
May 20, 2019

"Game of Thrones has been moving at a hurried clip this season, so this narrative thread took a backseat, but imagine how much more intriguing the story could have been if Varys" assassination attempt had spanned the majority of an episode and further fueled Daenerys' descent into madness.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from the new episode of "Game of Thrones".

In a recent poll conducted by, fans were asked which character they thought was going to die first in the show's very final episode.

Snagging a linear audience of 12.5 million, the second-to-last episode of the eighth and final season of series executive produced by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss rose 6% in viewership from last week's episode "The Last of the Starks." "Episode 4 of season 8, "The Last of the Starks", holds a 57 percent score and a consensus that reads, "'The Last of the Starks' strains to set the board for Game of Thrones' conclusion, but serves up enough political intrigue and touching character interactions to satisfy".

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The Hollywood Reporter's Maureen Ryan had a physical reaction to the latest episode, writing in her coverage, "I shouted that at the TV screen Sunday night, but I wasn't talking to Daenerys". "I wish we could've seen - not the seducing side, not the "I want to f-k the queen" side - but something different". Even the Clegane Bowl felt a little underwhelming, thanks to the show's weird pacing and rushed nature. That's been my feeling the last couple seasons, that my character became more peripheral, that they concentrated on others more.

With just one episode to go, more people are watching Game of Thrones live than ever before.

By burning every innocent life in King's Landing in sight, she sprints to fulfill the role of Mad Queen that some were hoping she would avoid.

This image released by HBO shows Emilia Clarke in a scene from Game of Thrones.

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