Call of Duty Mobile Beta for Android: Rolling Out

Ruben Fields
May 21, 2019

Activision's ' Call of Duty: "Mobile" game for smartphones has always been in the rumours.

Though these reveals are definitely the most exciting part of Activision's info dump, they really just scratch the surface in terms of everything that the company announced. The confirmed list includes Crash, Crossfire, and Killhouse from Modern Warfare and Standoff and Firing Range from Black Ops. Activision makes no mention of controller support, which would be pretty huge for a fast-paced FPS game. However, users can still download the game if they are pre-registered users.

As a Call of Duty game, of course, you can select up to three Scorestreak equipment like the Recon Car, Air Supply Drop, Missile Strike, Drone, and Sentry Gun. Players will be able to customize their characters with clothing and other gear.

As you can see above, there are many recognizable locations on this map.

Starting with the gameplay controls, players will get to choose between Simple Mode with automatic firing at enemies, and Advanced Mode with manual firing and more fine-tuned controls such as weapon grip, hip firing, etc.

It will update you about the launch of the game in your region the moment it comes out.

There will be two control options: Simple Mode and Advanced Mode. This shows the compromise from the development team to show a COD experience that's close to the original console release.

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CoD Mobile has been confirmed to have five stages to play during the launch week. In this game there are options for Primary and Secondary weapons.

Selected users will be able to get the access of this game in beta version.

A pre-match loadout menu will also be available for you to change what weapons to assign to your character before battles.

In addition, it is the same title that was previously announced for Chinese players in August 2018. Current Skills include the Purifier (flamethrower), War Machine (grenade launcher), Death Machine (minigun), Transform Shield (deformable shield), Sparrow (bow), and Tempest (electrical bolt rifle).

Perks can also be assigned, each of which offering different abilities, including Fast Recover to improve health regeneration speeds, and Demo Expert to improve your explosives damage. But servers won't be too crowded because it looks like there will only be room for eight to 10 players in a single game.

So, we already knew some things about CoD: Mobile.

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