James Holzhauer Is Back On Jeopardy And More Dominant Than Ever

Brenda Watkins
May 21, 2019

Jeopardy viewers got a two-week pause in watching the record breaking run of James Holzhauer, but he was back with a vengeance during Monday's game.

A smug Brady fired out another tweet after Holzhauer's win, imploring those who expected him to even approach a strawberry to "keep it moving".

James Holzhauer is on a roll.

The 34-year-old professional sports gambler from Las Vegas still trails Ken Jennings' record 74 straight victories and $2.5 million in winnings.

With the tournament over and season 35 of "Jeopardy!" back on the air, the Naperville native continued his dominance by winning $89,229, bringing his 23-day total to $1,780,237. Holzhauer appears to have done his research; he challenged Brady to eat a tomato if he loses Jeopardy! on Tuesday.

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Jennings is hoping Holzhauer can catch up to his record.

Holzhauer's aggressive strategy in going for higher value clues over starting low throws off his more traditional opponents, who typically work their way down a particular category. He's hit on 53 out of the 66 available Daily Doubles so far, and he answered 49 of those correctly, according to the "Jeopardy!" website.

It also helps that Holzhauer has a background as a professional sports bettor - it means he has a higher tolerance for risk.

By buzzing at just the right time, he's able to beat the other contestants to the punch and continue racking up wins.

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