Nigel Farage Gets Pelted by Protest Milkshake Following Brexit Rally

Clay Curtis
May 21, 2019

Not even a ban on milkshakes at a local McDonald's could save Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage from being pelted with some of that sweet creamy swirl of icy goodness at a campaign rally - a trendy new thing for violent political demonstrators in the country, apparently.

Paul Crowther, the milkshake-wielder, was immediately arrested.

One person wrote, "On this day, and on each anniversary of this day; I will drink a banana milkshake and think of the way a #Milkshake ran down the suit of Nigel Farage sullying him like he has tried to dirty our democracy, for years".

According to PA reporter Tom Wilkinson Crowther could be heard talking about his milkshake while standing in handcuffs outside a bookstore, saying: "I was quite looking forward to it, but I think it went on a better goal". He even became a subject of scrutiny in special counsel Robert Mueller's Russian Federation probe.

"Complete failure. I could have spotted that a mile off", Farage said as staff whisked him away.

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A member of his team could be heard saying "sorry".

Opinion polls show Mr Farage's newly-formed Brexit Party is set to do well in the upcoming European elections at the expense of traditional parties Labour and the Conservatives. Scott Macdonald, an online coordinator for the Scottish Socialist Party, posted a sign he said was from the McDonald's window that stated, "We will not be selling milkshakes or ice cream tonight".

In a tweet Monday morning, Farage said: "Sadly some remainers have become radicalised, to the extent that normal campaigning is becoming impossible".

Mr Farage took to Twitter soon after to denounce the milkshake attack and what it meant for public campaigning, blaming the UK Parliament's inability to successfully exit the European Union after the 2016 referendum.

Former EDL leader Tommy Robinson - real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon - was struck twice by earlier this month, while Ukip candidate Carl Benjamin was covered in milkshake for the fourth time last weekend Sunday while in Salisbury.

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