Leonardo DiCaprio recalls seeing River Phoenix the night he died

Brenda Watkins
May 22, 2019

He was, though, asked about his feelings toward director Roman Polanski, who was Tate's husband at the time of the Manson family murders. Oh, and you get DiCaprio - as his actor character Rick Dalton, playing another character in a movie-in-a-movie - shouting "burn you Nazi bastards!"

The film is released July 26 in the US, followed by August 14 in the UK.

Sony Pictures has released the official trailer for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood ahead of the film's world premiere at Cannes. In the next, he is out at a ranch that Tarantino reimagines as a location of numerous stunt double's films, and takes on the sinister Manson girls, including Squeaky (Dakota Fanning), who stonewalls him when he wants to meet the ranch owner and old buddy George (Bruce Dern).

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood was screened in Cannes yesterday and received a staggering six-minute standing ovation. In true Tarantino fashion, the cast is star-studded to say the least, with Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, Timothy Olyphant, Dakota Fanning, Al Pacino, Kurt Russell, and more signed on for the ambitious flick.

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Tarantino submitted "Once Upon a Time In Hollywood" just in time to compete for the Cannes festival's top Palme d'Or prize, 25 years after pop culture classic "Pulp Fiction" won it.

And that's exactly what Tarantino would want. That's about to change, though, thanks to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Indiewire's Anne Thompson singled out the performances, saying, "DiCaprio and Pitt are amusing and brilliant, as is Margot Robbie as sweet Sharon Tate". While the loss of innocence will probably be a topic the film is exploring (Tarantino has said as much), I'm curious to see how he tackles it. "And one night, at a party in Silver Lake, I saw him walk up a flight of stairs". "I reject your hypothesis", he said.

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