Will Smith on how he added Bollywood touch to '#Aladdin'

Brenda Watkins
May 22, 2019

Despite hesitancy from some fans over the Genie's look and performances, the live-action Aladdin is a fun extravaganza for any Disney lover out there.

Will Smith will be seen playing the role of Genie in Disney's upcoming movie Aladdin. "Like, imagine we're talking and he just did [came up and stood here]". There were whispers about the cast not being Middle-Eastern or North African enough for their roles, and once the first photos leaked people literally rioted on the internet.

The orchestration on A Whole New World, on the other hand, feels a little flat and doesn't do justice to Ritchie's visceral interpretation of a magic carpet ride.

The new Aladdin is hardly the folly that the advance bad buzz prepared us for.

We are sure it would be a great moment for Badshah to get such praises from Will Smith.

Smith's Genie is a martini-drinking, yoga-posing, needy showoff with a top knot and an armful of popular culture references ("The crowd goes wild!" he says). But the problem is, we have - and not that long ago.

Listen to Will Smith and DJ Khaled's "Friend Like Me" below. The same goes for Naomi Scott's Jasmine. The British actress is of Ugandan-Indian descent, which drew a great deal of criticism.

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Describing Jasmine as a strong woman "who knows her own mind", Scott said the character has been given a "modern twist".

There's also a feminist twist at the end of the flick that will probably give you a lady boner. There are no new wrinkles, no real new take.

Aladdin would continue to showcase the studio's penchant for blending big Broadway-esque numbers with exquisite animation and plots that appeased both adults and children. Unlike the blubbery animated version in the original film, however, the CGI-rendered character here is so distractedly muscled and buff that you wonder how he was able to hit the gym so often while trapped in a lamp. One pink gown, in particular, made the audience gasp when she appeared.

On May 21th, in the remarkable atmosphere of the building - a symbol of Hollywood film history in Los Angeles "El Capitan Theatre", was held the world gala premiere of Aladdin.

Aladdin is a feature wrapped up in beauty, courtesy of production designer Gemma Jackson and costumer Michael Wilkinson, but that's relied on as a key difference in why this movie exists. Alan Tudyk was cast as the sassy macaw. While he was quick to admit that younger viewers may find a lot to like - particularly if they're fans of Will Smith - he pegged the classic story as having been "re-framed as a disposable action movie, interrupted by songs". However, Iago is very present in the movie with all of his absurd one-liners and shenanigans.

This time around, the high hurdle of nostalgia may be especially hard to clear. While Richie's visuals are nothing to write home about, the film is fine looking if feeling a little unfinished at times.

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