EE will switch on its 5G network on 30 May

Ruben Fields
May 23, 2019

As for EE's 5G plans, the first launch cities will be London, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Belfast, and Cardiff, though coverage will be restricted to landmark areas for leisure and commerce such as London's Wembley Stadium and Birmingham's Bullring. "EE is making such a strong statement here today".

Japanese consumer electronics company Panasonic has announced the suspension of all transactions with Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei in the wake of a decision by Washington to add the company to a list of companies considered as a threat to usa national security, FNN reported on Thursday.

In December a year ago, EE made it clear that the Huawei's equipment would not be present in its 5G core infrastructure, having begun a process to remove the kit from the core of its 3G and 4G networks in 2016.

"A ban would require operators to replace such equipment before they could deploy 5G technology", he said. And in a potentially more consequential blow, United Kingdom chip designer Arm Holdings, an important supplier to Huawei, said it was "complying with all of the latest restrictions set forth by the USA government". 5G handsets compatible with the service will be on sale today at EE, as will new plans and contracts.

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The operator has already begun several trials of the new network using the 3.4GHz band, although the lack of supporting 5G capable Smartphones meant that initially these were primarily focused upon 1Gbps+ capable fixed wireless broadband ISP style connections for homes and businesses (here and here). The BT-owned carrier will start the 5G launch party on May 30, but there's a big name that now won't be receiving an invite: Huawei. But with Huawei now unable to sell 5G devices on the UK's two biggest carriers, this could be a brilliant growth opportunity for Samsung, LG, and OnePlus, in addition to Oppo, which only recently arrived in the UK.

Not only is EE dropping Huawei phones from its 5G launch, but BT is also in the process of removing Huawei technology from portions of its 4G network. EE is also launching 5GEE WiFi with the HTC 5G Hub, which will be available with an upfront cost of £100 and with 50GB of data per month for £50 per month, or for £75 per month with 100GB.

At EE's press conference announcing its 5G network launch date, the provider announced the first four phones that it will sell, and the Huawei Mate 20 X was curiously absent, despite being used in promotional shots and graphics during the rest of the presentation. This will have a negative impact on 5G consumer takeup in the short term.

At launch, EE says it will offer SIM-only plans from £32 per month which will include 20GB of data.

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