Microsoft and Sony Join Forces to Create Cloud-based Games

Ruben Fields
May 26, 2019

Officially, Sony had revealed new details about the next-gen gaming console which we expected to be called the PlayStation 5.

The report states that Sony, feeling threatened by the likes of Google and other large tech companies with well-developed cloud services, had no other choice but to opt for Microsoft. Using Spider-Man as an example, Sony showed that players on the PlayStation Next Gen could be ready to play in just 0.83 seconds, versus 8.1 seconds on a PS4 Pro.

The console will also support ray tracing technology, 8K resolution, and 3D audio.

The presentation confirmed that the PlayStation 5, as some are calling it, will feature backwards compatibility.

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Game streaming services have been attempted several times in the past, but the number of PlayStation Now subscribers shows that Sony has done something right with their take on the idea.

Microsoft said today that it will partner with Sony, its chief rival in the gameing console space, on "new cloud-based solutions for gaming experiences". During a meeting in Japan today, the well-known video game company showed off some early looks at the upcoming hardware's capabilities, including nearly nonexistent load times. In fact, it promises more AAA games for the PlayStation 4, seeing as it will remain an "engine of engagement and profitability" over the next three years. While I appreciate the company can't show off any of the games now in development for the PS5, it's still odd to see the capabilities of a console being sold with a game made expressly for its predecessor.

During the recent Sony IR Day 2019, held in Tokyo, Japan, Sony talked about the PlayStation 5 and the key philosophies it will present with its next-generation console.

However, this next-generation console doesn't mean that the PS4 is going away anytime soon. Nowhere in the announcement are Xbox or PlayStation named, but its wording implies Microsoft and Sony's partnership will specifically focus on consumer entertainment platforms like gaming.

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