NASA's Artemis program aims to put first woman on moon

Katie Ramirez
May 26, 2019

The US space agency also announced space tech firm Maxar Technologies as the first contractor to work on Gateway.

In addition to these missions, which will be all NASA's efforts, there will be five launches carrying the building blocks of the lunar mini-station "Gateway" which will serve as a staging point for the Moon landing.

The name "Artemis" comes from Greek mythology: she was the goddess of hunting and the moon and also was the sister of the god Apollo, for whom the original NASA moon missions in the late 1960s and 1970s were named.

The billionaire has sought to muscle in on NASA's dominance of the moon-return initiative, even volunteering to invest some of his ample funds to help the struggling agency get off the ground - in return for ensuring his company gets to build the infrastructure future "space colonies" will rely upon.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine announced Sirangelo's departure in an internal memo Thursday, Space News reported.

Some of that initial seed money is earmarked for ongoing development of the Space Launch System super rocket Boeing is developing for NASA to boost astronauts to the moon in Lockheed Martin-built Orion capsules.

Trump lawyers, committees reach agreement to hold off on subpoenas
Cummings called the ruling a "resounding victory for the rule of law and our Constitutional system of checks and balances". The subpoena seeks financial records of Trump and associated entities from 2011 through 2018.

The Trump administration has made a return to the moon a high priority for the USA space program, saying the mission would establish a foundation for an eventual journey to put humans on Mars.

The third flight of the SLS will carry astronauts to the moon for a landing in 2024. From there they will descend to the surface in what it expects will be a two-stage process - first in a "transfer vehicle" to low lunar orbit, and then in a lander.

You can watch both events live on, courtesy of NASA TV, or directly through the agency's website.

The NASA contract amounts to $375 million, and Maxar will develop power, propulsion and communications components for the lunar mobile command and service module.

Sirangelo "was escorted out of NASA's headquarters in Washington" after he resigned, according to two sources who spoke to Reuters, "to pursue other opportunities".

Earlier this month, Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin unveiled its own lunar lander.

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