11.9 million Quest Diagnostics patient's personal info could've been exposed

Grant Boone
June 4, 2019

Quest Diagnostics says almost 12 million people could have been affected by a data breach that includes their personal information, certain financial data, Social Security numbers and medical information.

On Monday, the USA clinical laboratory said that American Medical Collection Agency (AMCA), a billing collections provider that works with Quest, informed the company that an unauthorized user had managed to obtain access to AMCA systems.

AMCA believes this information includes personal information, including certain financial data, Social Security numbers, and medical information, but not laboratory test results.

But AMCA hasn't yet provided it with "detailed or complete" information about the securiy breach, including which information may have been affected, it said.

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A massive data breach has struck Quest Diagnostics and the information of up to 11.9 million patients has potentially been compromised. Quest says they are working closely with Optum260 to notify those patients. Once the firm has a better understanding of the situation, impacted patients will be told. An outside security expert has been hired to determine the damage of the breach. Quest has dozens of locations in and around the Pittsburgh area.

The personal information of millions of Quest Diagnostics lab patients may have fallen into the hands of hackers. "Since learning of the AMCA data security incident, we have suspended sending collection requests to AMCA", the company said.

According to the news release, AMCA informed Quest of the possible breach on May 14, 2019.

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