Prince Charles extended private meeting with Donald Trump to chat climate change

Clay Curtis
June 7, 2019

President Trump said he and Prince Charles gabbed for 90 minutes about climate change - and that the queen's son did all the talking. "If you go to certain cities - I'm not going to name cities but I can - you can't even breathe, and now that air is going up.They don't do the responsibility".

While appearing on ITV's "Good Morning Britain" with host Piers Morgan, the USA president described the meeting as Prince Charles "doing most of the talking", but praised him for being "really into climate change" and wanting to better the planet for future generations "as opposed to a disaster." .

Not only that, Trump absolved the USA of any responsibility towards the environment, he also claimed the United States was among the most environment-friendly nations in the world.

On the present Tory government's refusal to work with Farage, President Trump told the newspaper of record: "I think it is a mistake".

And when Morgan asked if Trump was able to give Prince Charles "any comfort that he is taking this crisis seriously", the president responded, "I think I was, yeah".

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During the 30-minute interview, Trump deflected questions on gun control and defended his ban on transgender soldiers in the military, claiming it was too expensive to provide them medical care. He wants to make sure future generations have climate that is good climate as opposed to a disaster.

In response to Prince Charles' urging, Trump apparently bragged to the British royal about how "crystal clean" America's water and climate are. "I think, I think we had a great conversation and it was about, as you would call it, climate change, but, I think we had a very, very good time".

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who addressed an anti-Trump rally in London and said he was keen to meet the president to raise climate change, among other issues, attended the D-Day event, but there was no evidence the two met. Trump said he rejected Corbyn's request to meet during the visit.

President Trump, Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, first lady Melania Trump, Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, posing for the media ahead of the state banquet at Buckingham Palace in London on Monday. "Crystal clean - it has to be crystal clean", he said. It used to be called global warming, but that didn't work, so they started calling it climate change. Then it was called 'climate change.' Now it's actually called 'extreme weather, ' because with extreme weather you can't miss-look we have a thing now with tornadoes.

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