Apple iOS 13 shows a map of location tracked by applications

Ruben Fields
June 11, 2019

The latest bit that suggests the move is near is a recovery screen from the iOS 13 Beta that shows a USB-C cable pointing to a computer in place of a Lightning cable pointing to iTunes.

Here's look at the features that iPhone and iPad users are set to get that are missing not only in existing version of Android OS, but also not there in Android Q (the next big version of Android OS). Besides limiting apps from tracking your location, Apple is also including a more detailed view of how apps use your location. According to the report, iOS 13 presents a pop-up notification when an app uses your location in the background.

This will make developers more accountable for needing location data and apps will have to give users a convincing reason as to why they need location permissions.

The screenshot below shows the locations used by the Tesla app and the App Store.

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The popup notifications appear when an app is using your location in the background, and it features a map with the actual location data the app has tracked.

Apple reveals that iOS 13 users will get these pop-ups so you can take action towards the app's behavior, e.g., Always Allow or Change to Only While Using.

iOS 13 will allow users to capture photos, video, audio, and other content from multiple cameras and microphones, offering significant opportunities for creatives on their iPhones. This option is a temporary authorisation, and the app will ask again for permission when it's next opened. In this notification, we will see a part of the map and its location data where the specific application has tracked.

The new update will also prevent developers from learning your location via Wi-Fi network details or Bluetooth.

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