Gwyneth Paltrow Reveals She and Husband Brad Falchuk Live Apart Sometimes

Brenda Watkins
June 11, 2019

In an interview with the Sunday Times' Style magazine, the actor revealed the newly married couple spend just four days together every week at her home in Hamptons. "You don't want to be an a--hole, but slowly if people start removing obstacles for you, if you live in a world where you never have to sit in line, where people don't confront you, where they don't tell you the truth, that's what you become". They could easily be merely civil to one another, or much worse, but it's pretty obvious Chris and Gwyneth and Brad have a good thing going and they know it.

She credits her late father, Bruce Paltrow, for bringing her back down to earth.

'Usually, due to their ingrained fear of intimacy - and I don't want to be like that.

After Gwyneth Paltrow shared her unconventional living situation with husband Brad Falchuk, it appears everyone is not a fan of her unique approach to married life.

They obviously have the financial means to maintain two homes, something couples who fantasize about these living arrangements can't do, and though this is definitely a Goopy way to embark on a marriage she may be onto something.

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Falchuk spends the other three nights of the week at his own house.

The Coldplay frontman sat nearly in the front row, which made sense since his and Gwyn's children, Apple and Moses, served as bridesmaids and groomsmen along with Brad's daughter, Isabella, and son Brody.

The Hollywood star shares co-parenting duties to daughter Apple and Moses while also being step-mum to Brad's children, Brody and Isabella.

More than two months after their marriage, the actress said they were yet to move in together as they had not merged their families at the time. With teenage kids, you've got to tread lightly. "I do think, though, at the end of the day, everyone wants the same thing, which is to feel love and be accepted", she added.

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