Radiohead release hacked OK Computer-era music following ransom demand

Brenda Watkins
June 11, 2019

Fans can buy the music for £18 (about $30 Cdn) for the next 18 days.

'So instead of complaining - much - or ignoring it, we're releasing all 18 hours on Bandcamp in aid of Extinction Rebellion.

After an unnamed hacker stole 18 previously-unreleased recordings from files owned by lead singer Thom Yorke, the band announced that it would not pay the $150,000 the hacker was demanding for ransom.

News of the leak was made public by a Reddit user in the Radiohead subreddit, where fans then collaborated on a Google doc collating info about the sessions. Not a phone download.' He added: 'Rainy out, isn't it though?'

From now until June 28th, you'll be able to spend £18 ($23) to, in the words of Greenwood "find out if we should have paid that ransom".

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The release comprises 18 minidisc files - some more than an hour long - that feature demos and acoustic versions of songs from 1995 to 1998, including some that appeared on "OK Computer" and a 20th anniversary reissue of that album. "It's not very interesting, there's a lot of it".

Stream and download the sessions, which Radiohead are dubbing MINIDISCS [HACKED], at their Bandcamp page.

The album will be available from Bandcamp for 18 days for £18, with the proceeds going to Extinction Rebellion. As it's out there, it may as well be out there. "As it's out there, it may as well be out there until we all get bored and move on". Radiohead said the money would go to Extinction Rebellion, an organization combating climate change.

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