Doctor finds 100 bubble tea pearls in girl's abdomen

Clay Curtis
June 13, 2019

It may surprise you to know that bubble tea has actually been around since the 80s, when it was created in Taiwan.

In addition to suffering from constipation, the girl, who was not identified, also reportedly complained that she lacked an appetite and had stomach aches, according to the publication, which cited local Chinese media.

The girl, who wasn't believed when she said she'd only had one bubble tea drink recently, was sent home with laxatives and instructed to give the drinks a break.

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But her love of the popular milk drink, which is packed with tapioca balls, ended with her in hospital and hundreds of undigested black, chewy pearls lodged in her stomach.

The girl, 14, was reportedly addicted to bubble tea. Tapioca's starchy nature is what likely led to the build-up in the girl's stomach, says Niket Sonpal, internist and gastroenterologist in New York City. When doctors administered a CT scan, they discovered a horrifying sight: Over 100 spherical-shaped blobs were scattered throughout her digestive tract.

Doctor Zhang said: "She must be hiding the true number of pearl milk tea she had".

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