Google Photos will no longer integrate with Drive from July

Ruben Fields
June 13, 2019

After offering sync between Google Photos and Google Drive for long, Google has now made a decision to end the sync service because the whole thing is too "confusing" for users.

Changes are coming to "simplify" experience going forward, according to Google. However, this syncing process can cause unexpected file deletion and the fact that the folder and the Google Photos service have the same name makes things even more confusing.

"Any photos or videos from Drive in Photos that you have uploaded prior to this change will remain in Photos", the company added. Items you delete in Photos will not be deleted in Drive and vice versa.

While these changes will affect any photos or videos added to either service from July 10, existing media will remain where it is, although its connection to either service will be severed - so modifying or deleting files on one won't affect the other.

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See, since Google Drive is integrated into the Files app on Chromebooks, with automatic syncing turned on, you could access and edit/upload Google Photos images directly from the Google Photos folder in the Files app. Of course, all photos and videos from Drive in Photos that you already uploaded prior to these changes will remain in the Photos. Next month, new photos and videos added to Drive won't automatically appear in Photos.

"Starting in July, new photos and videos from Drive won't automatically show in Photos".

Google notes that the Backup and Sync app will still be able to upload images to both services (they only count against your storage quota once if you use original quality). The Backup and Sync feature on Windows and macOS can still be used to upload to both of them in High Quality or Original Quality. While this simplifies things drastically for users, it also means that both services will now have to monitored individually when it comes to storing photos and videos.

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