Samsung’s 292-Inch Wall TV Turns Your Home Into a Movie Theater

Ruben Fields
June 13, 2019

Samsung launched a version of this giant display called The Wall Professional last June.

Given the customizable nature of The Wall Luxury, it's perhaps no surprise that Samsung has yet to announce pricing for its next generation of MicroLED TVs, though we imagine the larger 8K models will be prohibitively expensive for most of us when they go on sale globally next month. By that, Samsung says that it is meant The Wall can either be stretched out or reduced in size in order to accommodate the length and width of the wall it's attached to.

Samsung also has a standard "The Wall" TV, and it is designed never to turn off. Samsung doesn't say how much The Wall Luxury will cost, but it is unquestionably outside the price range of average consumers.

The Wall Luxury is a 3cm-deep, wall-mounted (obviously) and customisable TV that can take various sizes, ratios and resolutions between 73in 2K and 292in 8K.

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Specs-wise, The Wall is fitted with Samsung's Quatum Processor Flex, a machine-learning processor that is trained to deliver optimised scene-by-scene picture, regardless of format.

It also has a depth of less than 30mm and a slim, bezel-less and borderless design; a purposeful element put in place by Samsung to allow it to seamlessly blend into the background of whatever it's hanging from. Users can leave the massive TV turned on when not watching it, as its ambient mode can display a variety of art pieces with digital frames.

Whether viewing a classic movie, an anticipated sporting event or the latest console game, AI upscaling, Quantum HDR technology peak brightness of 2,000 nits and 120Hz video rate provide a rich and superior visual experience that is second-to-none.

The Wall Luxury certainly sounds like an awesome display, but the vast majority of us are definitely going to want to look elsewhere when it comes to outfitting our homes with televisions.

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