Mexico Library May Have Made Huge Frida Kahlo Find

Brenda Watkins
June 15, 2019

The Mexican government announced the discovery with caution, saying that studies suggest the recording is the voice of Kahlo, but acknowledging they were not able to confirm it.

She died in 1954, but to this day her face remains a culturally iconic symbol, appearing on everything from clothing to home décor and greeting cards. Only her voice seemed doomed to oblivion.

The National Sound Library of Mexico has unearthed what it thinks is a one-minute, 29-second clip of the famed painter's voice.

The voice thought to be the painter's can be heard reading a text titled "Portrait of Diego", according to the release.

Kahlo married fellow Mexican artist Diego Rivera in 1929, and their tumultuous relationship was marred in controversy.

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"His high, dark, extremely intelligent and big eyes rarely hold still".

French photographer Giséle Freund once described it as "melodious and warm", but thanks to the National Sound Library of Mexico, we may now know for sure. "They allow his gaze to take in a much wider visual field, as if they were built especially for a painter of large spaces and crowds".

Kahlo, whose spent long periods bed-ridden after a traffic accident in her youth, was the creator of some 200 paintings, sketches and drawings - mainly self-portraits - in which she transformed her misfortune into works of bold colour and emblematic strength.

Kahlo's voice is one of the "most requested and sought after" from the library, said Fonoteca Nacional Director Pável Granados, according to the release. "Frida's voice has always been a great enigma, a never-ending search", he says. The library says more Kahlo recordings could be on 1,300 "Bachelor" tapes that still need to be cataloged and digitized.

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