DotA Underworlds is Valve's take on DotA Auto Chess

Ruben Fields
June 16, 2019

Like Auto Chess, Underlords will allow seven players to battle against each other with turn-based tactical strategy.

The Dota Underloads is a fresh edition and a rival to the Dota 2 Auto Chess game.

Though Dota Underlords is largely derivative of Drodo Studio's Dota Auto Chess, Valve wasted no time in terms of mixing things up. The Battle Pass preview is already up and running as it was opened up yesterday so if you play Dota 2 and have a current Battle Pass then you're already able to play Dota Underlords, and those looking toward the open beta may be able to expect it to begin sometime next week. You'll also be able to play with others across devices meaning just because you play on Android it won't lock you out from playing with a friend who is playing the game on PC through Steam.

If you own the Dota 2 Battle Pass, you'll find a link to Dota Underlords on the Dota 2 dashboard in your Steam library; if you don't own it and want to, hit up and get ready to spend a tenner. In Auto Chess players don't actually make any moves once the match begins. The game features a handful of different pieces alongside new power-up options including new items and global perks that offer the player some extra bonuses. It is unknown when the game will officially exit the beta stage. Of course, the big unspoken reason is likely that the standalone version of Auto Chess is now an Epic Games exclusive, and is a pawn in Epic's war against Valve.

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While Auto Chess is massively popular, the game still has the distinct look and feel of a user-made game.

Tournaments might be something similar to the weekly Battle Cup in Dota 2, or maybe the Artifact system.

Over on the official Dota blog, Valve outlined how Dota 2 Battle Pass players can play Dota Underlords right now, and for those wondering, yes, there's going to be an open beta coming soon, too.

This feature is not now available as the mobile versions are set to launch with the beginning of open beta.

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