'YOU'RE DISGUSTING': Kelly Ripa's daughter walks in on her, husband having sex

Brenda Watkins
June 18, 2019

That was the lesson Lola Consuelos learned on Father's Day morning after she accidentally witnessed her parents having sex.

"I'm going to be honest, I was not in the mood", the 48-year-old TV host admitted.

"[Mark] was like, 'But it's Father's Day, ' and I was like, 'Alright, that's not typically, doesn't conjure up amorous thoughts but OK'".

Mark said he wasn't sure Lola saw anything but Kelly confirmed she made eye contact with her daughter while they were going at it in bed.

The birthday girl seemed to take time getting over the unwanted encounter after telling her parents at a family brunch later that day that they were "disgusting" and had "no chill". "There was a house full of people... my in-laws were waiting to eat!" "She knocked on our door... our bedroom door".

They then explained how it all went down when Lola walked in. "You were going through the motions!" "And my life! And I used to see in colour and now everything is grey, '" Kelly recalled Lola yelling through the door.

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The morning show host and her hubby told the embarrassing tale on Monday's episode of Live With Kelly and Ryan.

She added, "Nobody knocks in our house". Kelly said before adding that her daughter did say she knocked and even accused her mom of being deaf from her loud exercise class!

Lola is Kelly and Mark's middle child - and their most recent high school graduate.

Mark revealed that when Lola returned to their bedroom that evening say goodnight, she made her point by pounding on their door so loud like a fireman to let them know she was there before saying "Poor Lola" with a sigh.

Lola then apparently told them, "You act like you're 20 but you're not", to which Ripa responded, "With respect, we weren't in the kitchen, we weren't in the hallway or your room". Explained Ripa, "We're eating, we're like, 'This is delicious, that's delicious.' And she's like this [with crossed arms]".

Ripa and Consuelos also share two sons, 22-year-old Michael and 16-year-old Joaquin.

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