Air steward, drink cart sent flying after turbulence rocks flight over Europe

Clay Curtis
June 19, 2019

The plane, which was carrying 121 passengers, was met by ambulances upon landing.

A passenger on board a Boeing flight in Kosovo has captured shocking video of a flight attendant being flung into the plane's ceiling during a bout of severe turbulence. The flight attendant was trying to "collect all drinks and full glasses from passengers" before the "downward impulse occurred", the airline said.

"I think I was unconscious for a brief moment", passenger Idriz Brahimj, 51, told Swiss newspaper 20 Minuten. A massive jolt was responsible for lifting the cart off the plane floor and into the ceiling before the contents feel back down, along with the serving flight attendant.

In accordance to reviews, the turbulence began about half-hour sooner than the airplane landed and lasted 5 minutes, a passenger informed knowledge outlet 20 Minutes. The 30-second video shows the drinks from the flight attendant's cart spilling everywhere.

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USA carriers are in total required to have flight attendants take a seat if they imagine turbulence is ahead, but ALK Airlines says the flight attendant from the video is nonetheless in "absolutely accurate health". Other passengers have alleged to have been burnt by the hot water which spilled from the cart. Some other patients reportedly had more serious injuries.

Gaskell said the departing plane from EuroAirport to Pristina was delayed by one hour because of the incident.

In an announcement to Fox Recordsdata from ALK, the airline confirmed that passengers got instantaneous medical support after landing.

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