Graphic: Huntsman Spider Eats An Entire Possum In Australia

Clay Curtis
June 19, 2019

The two captured the spider in an empty ice-cream container and released the huntsman outside the lodge; the arachnid skedaddled and left its possum meal behind, Latton said.

Justine Latton posted the photo taken by her husband with a caption that read, "Possum-eating spider!" There's no way of telling if the possum was still alive when the huntsman made a decision to eat it; if it was, quite the epic battle would have taken place.

The man's wife, Justine Latton shared photos of the horrifying moment on Facebook, which show the spider clinging on to the hotel door with the tiny possum in its mouth. However, the spider's legs can grow up to a whopping 13 inches.

And while pygmy possums are not usually a huntsman's snack of choice, Latton says the spider may have just seen an opportunity too good to pass up. "It would be fairly rare".

Latton said that she was surprised by the response to her photo, which garnered over 7,200 shares on Facebook by Wednesday local time.

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"That's the biggest Huntsman spider I have ever seen", wrote one person in the comments section.

"What a once in a life time photo opportunity". "Nature never ceases to amaze me", a third added.

Nope, not these fish eating spiders, or various huntsmen and tarantulas who insist on capturing animals like mice, birds, lizards, snakes, and even a baby opossum.

Despite their chilling appearance, huntsman spiders are not considered to be risky, according to the Australian Museum.

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