Huawei Mate X Learns From Samsung’s Mistake

Ruben Fields
June 19, 2019

Although there were expectations that Samsung Electronics will start selling Galaxy Fold in this month, Samsung Electronics did not confirm on the final release date of Galaxy Fold.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was supposed to launch in May, the handset was delayed as Samsung worked out some issues with the device.

The Galaxy Fold has spent the last several weeks in limbo.

AT&T is sending out cancellation notifications via e-mail to anyone who pre-ordered the Galaxy Fold.

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But it seems the South Korean company is determined to not disappoint. Samsung Display vice president Kim Seong-Cheol told attendees at The Korean Information Display Society this week that the Fold is now ready. This is because very few progress, to none, has been done to address the Samsung Galaxy Fold issues since April.

This indicates that we will not see the Galaxy Fold, at least until August. However, the report says, "executives are monitoring the launch and will reduce off shipments if it sells poorly as expected".

Just yesterday, the Chinese Agency 3C certified Mate X. This means that Chinese users will be among the first to get access to the phone. However, it will be best to wait for Samsung to announce when this Galaxy Fold will reach the market as it seems that the first two folding phones on the market are taking their time to flawless this technology. Huawei Mate X will come with the Android operating system or with another operating system, nothing can be said about it. Rumors are also ripe for a foldable Moto Razr comeback design that will modernize the beloved flip phone.

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