Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Arrives This Friday!

Ruben Fields
June 20, 2019

Niantic announced the official U.S. launch of "Harry Potter: Wizards Unite" during a special event hosted by comedian Tiffany Haddish on June 18. TechCrunch reports that Niantic plans to hold special events across the world, similar to Pokemon GO Fests, but with another theme that will fit Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

The game will launch on June 21 in the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store in the USA and the UK. That's about everything we know about what's coming for Harry Potter fans, but we're likely to be fed more information in the next few weeks as we're getting closer to the game's official launch. It's an augmented reality game, created to blend the real and fantasy worlds, so like Pokemon Go, you'll have to get out and explore. The game was released in Australia and New Zealand in May.

Spells will cost Spell Energy which will need to be replenished at Inns found around the globe, which sounds a lot like PokeStops in Pokemon Go. You'll be able to train with your favorite Hogwart's professors, test your potion-making skills, and even battle Death Eaters and Werewolves.

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Speaking about the new launch this week, Madhavi Marigold Muppala, a Product Manager at Niantic who works across multiple teams including design, engineering, and marketing, commented on the new launch: "It's what everyone imagines when you read the Harry Potter books".

As tempting as it is to stay in the Wizarding World forever, the augmented reality game will allow you to explore your city's surroundings, helping you trace Foundables and safely return them to the Wizarding World.

Pre-registration is available via the App Store, Google Play, and Galaxy Store for Apple, Android, and Samsung owners, respectively.

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