Trump announces mass expulsion of migrants from the US

Clay Curtis
June 20, 2019

"U.S. authorities detained more than 85,000 "family unit" members at the border in May, an average of almost 2,800 per day". Some say it would be better to stay in Mexico than return home if Trump clamps down further on migration into the United States. The push to secure the border comes days after President Donald Trump threatened to impose a series of tariffs.

Mexican officials said Monday that their enforcement efforts would not only target the highways and rail lines of southern Mexico, noting that some of the country's national guard units would deploy to the USA border to increase enforcement.

"We are calling this a rescue because the containers were not designed for human transport". Guillen was immediately replaced by Francisco Garduno, who previously served as the chief of Mexico's prison system.

His comments came as Mexico continued to roll out the deployment on the southern border of members of the new National Guard militarized police force.

Ebrard said Saturday's human smuggling incident in Veracruz was a rescue because the migrants could have suffocated inside the trailers.

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The Mexican government did not commit to a specific, numerical enforcement goal during the negotiations, a senior Mexican official said Monday. Some who paid $5,000 were entitled to a second attempt if the first failed.

The procedure is facing legal challenges, and critics say it exposes vulnerable families to grave danger by stranding them in mafia-dominated Mexican border cities with few services and little protection. Trump also praised Mexico for tightening immigration laws and outlined Guatemala's readiness to sign an asylum agreement for third-country nationals.

Mexico is often sensitive to offers of USA help with anything. And those who live at Mexico's southern border believe bringing in national guardsmen will only be a boon to human smugglers.

Along the Suchiate, merchants and politicians expressed concern that the immigration crackdown could hurt the cross-border commerce that communities on both sides depend on.

Ciudad Hidalgo Mayor Sonia Eloina Hernández said she isn't against the guardsmen coming, but wants them to allow people to carry on with their work. If they don't, then we have phase two.

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