Venom & Spider-Man Movie ‘Likely’ But up to Sony, Says Kevin Feige

Brenda Watkins
June 20, 2019

I mean, it would be lovely to believe this is Marvel's way of giving back to fans (and it's not that we're not grateful), but it's also pretty likely that it has something to do with that race for the box office top spot. I want to believe that, and I also want to believe Keanu Reeves listens very thoughtfully to the pitch, then politely declines so he can go ride one of his motorcycles. At 54, he is the most eligible bachelor of Hollywood.

Toy Story 4 premiered last week in Los Angeles and is scheduled to be released in theaters Friday. After the success of John Wick, he has practically become the only topic of conversation on all forms of media, be it games, movies or memes. Kevin Fiege, president of Marvel, revealed that he's been in conversation with the actor for some time as they try and work out a way for Keanu to jump into the beloved universe.

For even more on Reeves' banner year, here are five stories of Keanu Reeves being the best person ever.

Speaking to, Feige was asked about Keanu Reeves potentially joining the MCU. We Just Can't Keep Calm About It!

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But he did at least confirm - yes, Marvel has actually been talking with Keanu for "almost every film we make". Marvel has released 22 movies in 3 phases and he could have made his debut in any one of them but turns out, producers are still looking for a good script for him.

Of course, now we're dying to know what previous roles Marvel considered Keanu for.

Earlier there were speculations that he was supposed to be launched in "Captain Marvel" as Yon-Rogg but he refused and the role landed in Jude Law's kitty.

Maybe an X-Men remake in the coming years with have Keanu all over it - thoughts? Sounds like the flawless motto for a Marvel superhero. We have had a substantial lack of Asian/Pasifika heroes in the movies, and since Keanu Reeves is Chinese and Hawaiian, it would nice to have some much-needed representation of those identities in our superhero movies.

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