Girl contracted flesh-eating bacteria while on vacation in Florida

Grant Boone
June 28, 2019

A 12-year-old girl in the USA was nearly killed by a flesh-eating bacteria she contracted in one of her legs and left her fighting for life.

"Monday, we wake up to begin our day and Kylei wakes up and she has pain in her calf on her right leg", her mother Michelle Brown told CNN affiliate WKRG. "We learned Kylei had a very serious infection and the surgery to remove the infection was to try to save her leg, but most importantly her life", said Brown in her Facebook post. Brown thinks Kylei had a wound on her lower leg after she hurt herself on a skateboard before the family left for Florida.

"Things started to deteriorate rapidly, because she has somehow contracted a bacteria that has become infected". The girl underwent additional surgeries after she developed septic shock.

Brown said that her daughter was marked in the pediatric intensive care unit and put a few droppers in an attempt to stabilize her heart rate and blood pressure.

When a blood clot was ruled out, doctors realized they were dealing with Necrotizing Fasciitis, also known as flesh-eating bacteria.

"As they were doing the MRI, on her calf, they started to notice the infection had started spreading and running pretty rapidly through her body", said Brown.

By the time she got back to IN, her leg was swollen and her body was IN septic shock.

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Medical staff then figured out that she had necrotizing fasciitis, which is when soft tissue decays. She improved some and we were able to leave PICU and to a regular room and floor. One in three people who get the infection will die from it. Kylei was quickly taken into emergency surgery.

"She had a pocket of infection behind her knee they pulled out via needle".

After a week of being in hospital, Kylei was finally well enough to go home.

"We are taking this issue seriously and are working with the Alabama and IN departments of health to collect information on this case and determine if this was caused by a bacteria such as vibrio or any other reportable health condition, Emerson George, a spokesperson for the health department, said IN a email". "We are taking oral antibiotics as well as IV antibiotics 3 times a day, and pain meds every four hours".

"I whole heartedly believe she contracted the bacteria through a scrape on her big toe (foot on same leg), while we visited Pompano Beach in Destin, Florida". She said that it's now tough for her to see other families enjoying time at the beach. She watched in horror as her daughters' condition got worse. "It is critical to know about the signs and symptoms of this disease and quickly to treatment", concluded the woman.

The Florida Department of Health in Broward did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Brown's claims. Officials say beach-goers should be cautious of rocks.

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