Kamala Harris Spox: Biden 'Seems to Stand by His Opposition to Busing'

Grant Boone
July 5, 2019

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) is celebrating a large surge in her support after taking down Joe Biden a peg in the Democratic debates, but critics are slamming her for flip flopping on the very issue she nailed him on.

Her spokesman has already revealed she does support the same busing she slammed Biden for during last week's debate - and that blasting of the vice president has led to her gain in the polls.

Biden went on to stress the importance of appealing to the middle class.

"Busing did not work". He said "busing did not work" in school desegregation efforts and the African American community in his state of DE "did not support" busing.

Harris recalled during the debate how she was benefitted from mandatory school busing in order to integrate public schools and slammed Biden for opposing the controversial policy.

On CNN, he said he supported voluntary busing and busing when a court proved there were actions taken to segregate schools - but that he opposed the practice when it was mandated by "unelected" officials.

But the former vice president argued that the entire debate between Harris and him over busing centered on 'how do you equalize education in every area.' On that measure, he said, he has the best plans, noting that he wants to triple funding for the most disadvantaged schools and have preschool available from age 3.

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Biden said he did not push those points as much during the debate to avoid "getting in that scrum".

Biden also said debates should be about what candidates would do in the future, not about their past.

Mr Biden said he was not going to get into specifics because "I don't even have the nomination". 'If we keep doing that, that's, I mean, we should be debating what we do from here'.

"I think it'd be great to have a female VP", Biden said.

Lily Adams, 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Sen.

On Thursday, Biden told reporters after seeing her latest comments that he believed the two agreed on the issue, and that he felt her critique had come out of nowhere.

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