Should Yankees Play in More European Games?

Tanya Simon
July 8, 2019


 One of the most hyped weekends on the Major League Baseball calendar this season came when the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox met in London. And it was an incredible weekend for the Yankees, as they managed to sweep the Red Sox to pad an already strong lead in the American League East. The question facing the Yankees now is one aiming toward the future, as the Yankees should consider whether or not they should play in Europe in future regular seasons.

Frankly, there aren't many negatives to be associated with playing overseas after what the Yankees encountered during the London Series. The only thing that the team could look at as a net-minus is the fact that they could potentially lose home games in the future if they chose to venture into Europe again. In this year's series, the Red Sox were the team that sacrificed home games, but that may not always be the case depending on who their opponents may be.

Outside of that, though, everything about the international series for the Yankees was a huge positive and is something that they should want to do again. Major League Baseball saw record-breaking merchandise sales in London, with the brand identity of the Yankees being a huge reason for plenty of that merchandise moving. No matter where the Yankees go, fans will be interested in them, which makes further expansion into Europe feel like a no-brainer.

More importantly than any bottom-line related activity, the Yankees had an incredible couple of days against the Red Sox on the field. They scored double-digit run totals in both games, sweeping the London Series against their hated rivals. Both games were high-scoring, with MLB picks makers having to navigate totals in the double digits throughout the series, and both games easily clearing those totals thanks to the Yankees bats.

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The structure of the stadium in London had a lot to do with that high scoring. With a center field distance of less than 400 feet, and a stadium structure that didn't allow for proper air resistance for breaking pitches, the games were geared toward offenses from the start. Whether or not the field in future international matchups will be as hitter-friendly remains to be seen. But if that is the case, it can only benefit this young, explosive Yankees lineup again in the future.

Major League Baseball has already said that they are looking into the possibility of bringing international games to other European cities in the future. That would be terrific for the Yankees, who could grow more fans in those countries while continuing to give their players the experience of playing games in unique situations.

The playoffs are all about being able to get used to a lack of comfortable circumstances to rise above and make plays. If the team can keep playing and winning in Europe, there is no reason to think that they wouldn't be able to do the same in October when the stakes were at their highest.

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